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2013 AHA – PALE Big Brew Day

Looking for some brewers for Big Brew Day, I have space for a 5-6 brewers. We are discussing brewing a big barleywine or IPA and barrel aging it! Recipe discussion on the forums : http://forum.palebrewers.org/index.php/topic,211.0.html Please respond ASAP if interested! When: Saturday May 4th - starting at 9am --- all day. Location:  2366 Shiloh Dr.- ... More

May 2013 Club Meeting

The next club meeting is to be held at 7:00PM on May 02, 2013 @ the Tailwind's Distilling Company, Plainfield, IL, right next-door to Brandon's new shop! Tailwind's does not have food on-site, so we are once-again doing a pot luck dinner!  It was such a success lat time, we could not help but do it again!  Head on over to the FORUMS and let know what ... More

HB630 passes the Illinois House 118-0-0!!!

Illinois House Bill 630 passed the house with a vote of 118 YES, 0 No, and 0 Present!!! On to the Senate next week! With any luck, we might get this signed in time for Big Brew Day;  How cool would that be! More

Illinois HB630 Heading to the House Floor for a vote!

Illinois Homebrew Alliance (IHA) Call to Action If you are a homebrewer, or you are a friend with a Homebrewer, please take a moment to read this. The Vote is scheduled for this week, so the sooner you call, the more impact you will have! The IHA has been working to draft a bill that will change Illinois Law to codify existing practices and expand ... More

Illinois Homebrew Legislation: HB630

Huge news with the homebrew Legislation!!!  We have a bill! HB630 was submitted by Co-Sponsors Rep. Keith Farnham and Rep. Michael Tryon.  You can read the full text HERE This bill is what will get us back into the Festivals and make homebrew samples to the public legal! (under controlled conditions, of course) The language of the bill was negotiated ... More

PALE Project

See details on the PALE Project Page. More