Jan/Feb 2016

Upcoming PALE and related events:

  • Feb 3rd – Hopvine Chilean BeerMakers Dinner
  • Feb 4th – PALE Meeting at Nevins 7pm (6pm for pre-meeting dinner)
  • Feb 27th – Naperville Winter Ale Fest – PALE Booth : need volunteers for beer donations and pourers

Other event in planning:

  • PALE Barrel Fill – Feb. recipe submission, March brewing and barrel fill.
  • Bottle Shares! Let’s get something going..
  • Mead Judging  Eileen Uchima – . Preq. BJCP
  • BJCP Classes – look to advertise and get class started. Early 2016
  • Siebel Hop Sensory Kit –  Siebel Institute: Hop Sensory Kit