A Call For Volunteers!

The Midwest Brewers Fest (MWBF) needs capable and enthusiastic volunteers before, during and after our annual festival, which will be held on August 24, 2013 at Plainfield’s Riverfront Park. The third annual MWBF will feature more than 60 breweries and over 150 beers. Last year, we attracted over 3,000 guests and expect more this year. Each volunteer shift has a limited number of open slots. If you register for a shift, you are expected to report for and work your shift. If you fail to report for your shift(s), you will be excluded from volunteering in future Fests.

We are in need of volunteers for each setup day – Wednesday, August 21 through the day of the Fest, to provide support for the day of the Fest, to pour beer, and to help clean up afterwards. Volunteers who support two shifts Wednesday through Saturday’s first shift will be given enough Fest Bucks to purchase entry into the Fest free of charge. Volunteers who support our second shift on Saturday or who pour beer will be given admission to our post-fest after party in lieu of Fest Bucks. The after party will feature beer on a limited pour basis from the MWBF and other incentives. Volunteers for the pouring shift (11:15 am to 6:15 pm) must either be Basset certified, or commit to attending/ completing a Basset certification class. The MWBF is sponsoring a Basset class with the Plainfield Police Department on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, at 5:30 pm. Volunteer pourers may also complete Basset certification on their own by going to http://bassetcertification.org/.

MWBF also supports our local organizations, including business and social organizations. For each volunteer who signs up from a local Plainfield organization, the Fest will donate $25 to the local organization for each shift worked. Independent volunteers will receive $25 in Fest Bucks for each shift worked. Entry into the Fest will require $50 in Fest Buck for volunteers. Please indicate in the comments section whether you are volunteering in support of a local organization and the name of the organization.



Volunteer to help the day of the fest, and you will be able to attend the after-party, that evening, where you can drink all that beer that was served that day.  For Free!  …put a little effort in and get a lot out!


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June Meeting

Just a reminder to everybody that the June Meeting is happening this Thursday!  (check the count-down clock to the right)

This will be a busy meeting, so if you can, please arrive early, order a bite to eat, maybe something to wash it down with, and then we will get through normal business as quickly as possible!