Winners 2015-02

Feb 2015 PALE Project winners are Patrick Elder for his Russian Imperial Stout, and David Herrmann for both Barleywine and Best of Show categories. Congratulations!    More

Winner 2015-01

Jan 2015 PALE Project best of show winner is Nick Barrett with a non-Saison. Congratulations! More

PALE Project

See details on the PALE Project Page. More

P.A.L.E Project – January 2013 Winner

Congratulations to Jamnes Cameron who won the January 2013 Barley Wine P.A.L.E Project. More

P.A.L.E Project Categories for 2013

P.A.L.E is proud to announce the categories for the 2013 P.A.L.E Project January: Barleywine March: Category 6: Cream Ale, Kolsch, Blonde Ale, American Wheat or Rye May: Category 23: Specialty Beer July: Pale Ale for bragging rights September: Category 18- Belgian Strong Ale: Belgian Blonde, Dubbel, Tripel, Golden ... More

P.A.L.E Project Winners for 2012

January 2012 Winner - Ray Krueger - Porters We judged about 12 different porters, most were Robust Porters with a couple special ones mixed in. March 2012 Winner - John Marlovits - Stouts {more info needed} May 2012 Winner - Art Golk - IPA Nine IPA entries by 6 judges. July 2012 Winner - N/A All three entries tied; ... More

P.A.L.E Project for January 2013

The P.A.L.E Project for January 2013 is Barley Wine.  Please bring at-least (2) 12oz bottles (more/larger is fine) and have them dropped off by 6:30pm. We will be publishing a full schedule of all the P.A.L.E Project beers over the year soon; keep a watch here for updates! More