Illinois Homebrew Legislation: HB630

Huge news with the homebrew Legislation!!!  We have a bill!

HB630 was submitted by Co-Sponsors Rep. Keith Farnham and Rep. Michael Tryon.  You can read the full text HERE

This bill is what will get us back into the Festivals and make homebrew samples to the public legal! (under controlled conditions, of course)

The language of the bill was negotiated by the Illinois Homebrewers Alliance (IHA) and the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois (ABDI), and has language that benefits Homebrewers, Homebrew Clubs, and Homebrew Shops.

The IHA has stated that they will release an annotated version of the bill to explain what each sections means, the benefits, and the restrictions.  We will post it up here when it becomes available.

If all goes as planned, the Illinois House will vote on the bill on Friday, April 19, and then the Illinois Senate on Thursday, April 25.