Membership Renewal

This is the Membership Renewal page for existing members of the PALE Homebrew Club.  If you are not already member, you cannot use this page.  New members must must attend their first meeting in-person to register with the Club.

All renewal payments must include the badge and name of the person(s) renewing; add that information in the “Note To Seller” section on the PayPal site.

All payments will be reviewed by PALE before final acceptance.  Any payments made without the Badge number and/or name of the individual renewing will be rejected.

Please Note: There is a $1.00 “convenience fee” attached to each renewal type to cover the fees charged to us by PayPal.

To renew your membership, select one or more from the list below.

Standard Membership Renewal

A Standard Membership is everything as described on the membership page.

Household Discounted Renewal

A Household Discounted Renewal is everything as described on the membership page, however, the yearly cost is only $5/yr.  This discounted rate is available to any one person residing at the same address as a Member in Good Standing with the PALE Homebrew Club.  It is limited to one discounted rate per household and must be paid at the same time the Standard Membership dues are being paid.