PALE Online

To better foster communications, PALE is employing a number of methods for you to keep in touch  with your fellow Club Members:

  • The PALE Homebrew Club Website:
    • The public face for the club.  Information on when the next meeting will be held, a quick view of the Club Calendar, News & Events, and how to contact the Club’s Board of Directors can all be found here.
    • If you use an RSS reader, you can plug into your reader to be notified of updates to the website.
  • PALE Web Forum:
    • Best used for longer, more private, conversations, posting recipes, and that sort of thing.
    • We are Tapatalk enabled on the forums, giving you quick and easy access from your favorite smart device.
  • PALE Events Calendar: ics Link
    • We implemented an iCal compatible calendar (.ics) to allow you to keep track of club events in your favorite calendar app.
  • Twitter: @PALEbrewers
    • Not often used, but announcements will go out from that handle.
  • Monthly Email Notices
    • Monthly newsletters keeping you in touch all things PALE including meeting info, events and local related brewery news.
We do recognize that not everybody is “social media” savvy.  To ensure that news and information are available to everybody, the main website will always be your best source of news and events.  We will then link back to the main website on each of the social media areas to ensure as many people as possible are kept informed.