Meeting Minutes and Agenda

July Meeting highlights:

  • The July meeting was held at WorkForce Brew Pub, Plainfield, IL  on July 12th with over 35 in attendance. Pizza was ordered for attendees.
  • PALE Project Quarterly Competition – Judging was done before the meeting
  • Next PALE Meeting: August 2nd, 7 pm at Nevin’s Brew Pub, Plainfield, IL.

Industry Updates

  • MyGrain Brewing Company: New brews keep on coming until we fill up all our taps. New on tap this past week was our Belgian Quad, When I Have Time (8.5% ABV). A little later this week we’ll have a new Wiezenbock and Kolsch.

Upcoming events

8/4 – Wheaton Brew Fest – Join us for the best party in Wheaton! Unique brews, live entertainment and fun for craft beer lovers! Wheaton, Illinois’ annual outdoor craft beer fest features unique brews, live entertainment, and food from some of Wheaton’s favorite restaurants.

9/15 – Brew At The Bridge – Oswego Brewfest downtown. Head to Oswegoland Park District’s craft beer festival along the Fox River in September! Craft beer enthusiasts are welcome to sample the beers with buzz. The festival features breweries who have earned top reputations in the Chicagoland area as well as emerging breweries whose stellar kegs are ready to pave a new trail. Those invited breweries will have staff at the festival to answer questions about their selections. Guests also enjoy live music and delicious food in the shade of Hudson Crossing Park.

 Other News, Notes and Event Updates
  • Bottleshares – as always if interested in hosting a bottleshare, either create one on Facebook or contact us and we can get an email blast out to the group
  • If you’re interested in learning more about various style details and characteristics and/or off flavor specifics, or in-depth tech talks watch the PALE Facebook page for upcoming event details.  Interested in hosting a night?  Please see Patrick Elder to work out details!