EVENTS: Water Chemistry Tech talk // PALE Project // Chili Cook-off

// Water Tech Talk with Pete Marzullo – March 23 from 11AM – 1PM

  • Hopvine Brewing Company
  • Be sure to have your water tested prior to the tech talk so YOUR water chemistry questions can be specifically addressed.
    • “How do I get my water tested?” I’m glad you asked! Ward laboratories has a fairly inexpensive and easy test kit they sell specifically for brewers. You pay approximately $45, they send you a box, collection bottle, instructions, and a return label. It’s as easy as collect the sample, bottle it, box it, and send it on its way. In about a week, you’ll get an email from Ward with your results. Here’s the link for the test kit:

// PALE Project Competition – at April PALE Meeting

Ready for a little competition?  Collecting entries for the next PALE Project!

Complete the online entry formALL entries must be completed by Monday, April 1st. Contact a board member ( to coordinate delivery of entry.

Entries to be judged just prior to the April 2019 PALE Meeting at Werk Force, winners announced that night.  

$5 per beer per entry.  Each entry requires one 12 oz. bottle, clearly labeled with entrant’s name and corresponding BJCP category from the 2015 guidelines.  2015 style guidelines – BJCP Entrants will receive at least 2 completed BJCP scoring sheets per entry and a chance at winning a gift card for the highest scoring sheet(s), depending on the number of entries.

If you are willing to help judge or have questions, please touch base with Dennis at

// PALE Chili Cook-Off and Homebrew Pairing

  • Saturday, April 20th at Pollyanna Brewing Company (Lemont) 2 – 5PM
  • Want to participate?
    1. Bring a crockpot full of chili
    2. Brew a beer to pair with your chili
    3. Bring both to have everyone enjoy
  • We will even name a winner for the following:
    •       The Best Chili
    •       The Best Beer
    •       The Best Chili and Homebrew Pairing
  • Not interested in bringing a chili, but want to come anyway?
    • That’s cool! We will need people to come and eat our chili and drink our beers
    • Everyone attending, even if you are participating in the Chili Cook-off and Homebrew Pairing, will donate at least $10.00 to attend this event. All proceeds will be donated to Naperville Responds to Veterans. Last year we raised $110. Let’s increase that amount this year!