Upcoming Competitions

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Yearly Competitions – see links for more details. ==================

Drunk Monk Challenge – Urban Knaves of Grain (UKG)
Location: Aurora, IL
Link: http://www.knaves.org/DMC/
Note: Please volunteer your services. Our PALE/UKG members Mike and Eileen Uchima are key organizers.

Annual Charlie Orr Memorial Chicago Cup Challenge – Brewers of South Suburbia (BOSS)
Link: http://www.bossbeer.org/competition.html

BABBLE Brew-Off – BABBLE Homebrewers
Location: Wheeling, IL
Link: http://www.babblehomebrewers.com/index.php/events

Midwinter Home Brew Competition – Beer Barons of Milwaukee
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Link: http://midwinterhbc.beerbarons.org/index.php