EVENTS: PALE Chili Cookoff – Pollyanna

  • Thanks for everyone who came out and donated chili, homebrew, and your time for the 2nd Annual PALE Chili Cook-Off and Homebrew Pairing. We raised nearly $300 this year. This is nearly triple the amount we raised last year. Thanks again to Ed and Paul for letting us use the new space at Pollyanna Lemont.
    • The winners for the Chili Cook-off are:
      Best Pairing – Ed Schmitt
      Best Chili Judge’s vote –  Jason Minalga and his friend, Clint
      Best Chili Popular Vote – Jason Minalga and his friend, Clint
    • Thanks to our sponsors: Omega Yeast, Imperial Yeast, Giga Yeast, and Five Star Chemicals for all the great prizes.
    • Thanks to Travis Beard for judging the chili and beer. We really appreciate you helping us out. 

April 2019 – Werk Force

Our April meeting was held at Werk Force Brewing, included a taco night and a huge raffle. Also held the quarterly PALE Project competition.

Werk Force Brewing – “from PALE they came” Beer release:

Homebrewing roots are where many professional brewers cut their teeth and learned how to take barley, hops, water and yeast and make something truly magnificent – an art form in its own right. Both Brando and Steve were a part of the beginnings of P.A.L.E. (Plainfield Ale & Lager Enthusiasts) homebrew club some 8 years ago. Meetings were held at the old Limestone Brewing Co location and there they met a number of other home brewers from the area. Out of that club has spun some incredible brewers that have moved on to breweries and a few starting their own from scratch – Hopvine Brewing Co, Oswego Brewing Co, Pollyanna Brewing Co, MyGrain, Transient Artisan Ales, Hailstorm Brewing Co, Scalawag Brewing Co, New Belgium, Midnight Pig, Illuminated Brew Works, Goose Island and more. A few weeks back, a number of the brewers got together and collaborated on a IPA and brewed it at Werk Force. In the end, From PALE They Came was created — A 7.2% IPA utilizing Cascade, Centennial and an experimental hop variety from Hopsteiner. The result is a huge grapefruit forward west coast style IPA that boasts of fresh citrus rind. We hope you enjoy this beer as much as we had fun brewing it together with our comrades. Cheers!

EVENTS: Water Chemistry Tech talk // PALE Project // Chili Cook-off

// Water Tech Talk with Pete Marzullo – March 23 from 11AM – 1PM

  • Hopvine Brewing Company
  • Be sure to have your water tested prior to the tech talk so YOUR water chemistry questions can be specifically addressed.
    • “How do I get my water tested?” I’m glad you asked! Ward laboratories has a fairly inexpensive and easy test kit they sell specifically for brewers. You pay approximately $45, they send you a box, collection bottle, instructions, and a return label. It’s as easy as collect the sample, bottle it, box it, and send it on its way. In about a week, you’ll get an email from Ward with your results. Here’s the link for the test kit:

// PALE Project Competition – at April PALE Meeting

Ready for a little competition?  Collecting entries for the next PALE Project!

Complete the online entry formALL entries must be completed by Monday, April 1st. Contact a board member ( to coordinate delivery of entry.

Entries to be judged just prior to the April 2019 PALE Meeting at Werk Force, winners announced that night.  

$5 per beer per entry.  Each entry requires one 12 oz. bottle, clearly labeled with entrant’s name and corresponding BJCP category from the 2015 guidelines.  2015 style guidelines – BJCP Entrants will receive at least 2 completed BJCP scoring sheets per entry and a chance at winning a gift card for the highest scoring sheet(s), depending on the number of entries.

If you are willing to help judge or have questions, please touch base with Dennis at

// PALE Chili Cook-Off and Homebrew Pairing

  • Saturday, April 20th at Pollyanna Brewing Company (Lemont) 2 – 5PM
  • Want to participate?
    1. Bring a crockpot full of chili
    2. Brew a beer to pair with your chili
    3. Bring both to have everyone enjoy
  • We will even name a winner for the following:
    •       The Best Chili
    •       The Best Beer
    •       The Best Chili and Homebrew Pairing
  • Not interested in bringing a chili, but want to come anyway?
    • That’s cool! We will need people to come and eat our chili and drink our beers
    • Everyone attending, even if you are participating in the Chili Cook-off and Homebrew Pairing, will donate at least $10.00 to attend this event. All proceeds will be donated to Naperville Responds to Veterans. Last year we raised $110. Let’s increase that amount this year!